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I Love My Ex Husband

Wait….what???  I’m sure many of you read the title and thought to yourself, “There she goes again, sipping on wine through a short straw!”

Well, I am completely wine-less at the moment. I mean, there is wine IN my house, just not IN my body!  Now back to my disturbing title…No I’m not delusional, no I’m not drunk, and no I’m not IN love with my ex-husband, but I do love him. Allow me to explain.

1 year and 1 week after we said “I do”, I gave birth to my blue-eyed beauty! She’s full of spunk and full of light. She’s strong and compassionate. She’s funny and seriously naïve. She has the heart of and Angel. She makes me belly laugh and my cheeks ache. She’s loud, yet soft spoken. She has faith in all things good. She loves animals and they love her. Her eyes sparkle when she tells a story. She’s my heart and I love her more than peanut butter! And she is one reason I love my ex-husband. I love him because without him, there would be no her!

I love my ex for cheating on me. I am thankful it only took him 2 years into our marriage to show me his true heart. I love him for leaving me lying there on that pavement. He showed me what true selfishness looks like, and I never want to see it again. Thanks to his choices, I have daily reminders of his affair. I can’t go one day without thinking about his affair…trust me, I would love to forget it.

So instead of it being a negative, I have to find a positive way to look at it. I love him for cheating on me when I was young enough to find love again, but old enough to not repeat the same mistakes.

And Then…

Out of the darkness came light. He became my light, my strength, my rock, my love, my husband….my everything!

Chris & Kenna-Joy