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I Hate Cowards!

Back in February, I posted regarding the Anniversaary of my attack.  I received some attention during that time that was perhaps a little disturbing for those that were involved in the events leading up to my attack and in my attack itself.  At some point, I received a negative comment on my blog from what I assumed was my attacker. Around the same time I also received a mysterious Facebook friend request.  I won’t give the name because this person actually does exist, but he was not the one who made the request, but his name and picture were used to create a fake profile.  I did not accept the request, but a friend of mine received the same friend request and accepted it.  This led to her being harassed by this anonymous person and slandered on both her churches and work Facebook page.  She contacted JSO and filed a report.  After many months of waiting for the subpoena to come back,  we finally got the answer we were waiting for.  The IP Adress matched that of my attacker, which also matched that of the IP Adress WordPress sent me from the person who left the comment and subscribed to my blog! The IP Address was her personal cell phone.  Not a home computer, but a cell phone.  

So any intelligent person would think,  “Hey, this crazy ass girl broke her injunction…..twice…..JSO and the States Attorneys Office should have a slam dunk case”  

Yea…not so much!  Let me first start by saying, the detectives were less than helpful. The female detective I spoke to in numerous occasions was condescending and rude!  She stated she didn’t understand why I was so worried since there had been no further contact since February! Ummmm….excuse me Miss high and mighty!!! Let me slash your face and body up multiple times and then we will see how intimidated you are by a phone call, Internet contact, or Facebook request!! How dare you demean my fear you Uncompassionate bitch!! Then she said “You were the aggressor”  When I questioned where she heard that she responded, “it was obvious since Mrs H was not arrested that night, and after all, YOU were at a FIREFIGHTER sponsored event!”

At this point my blood boiled!!!! Victim shaming at its finest!!!!  For anyone reading this who may not know, my first husband, who is deceased, was a boxer.  I love the sport. I enjoy watching it.  I had been to previous Guns-N-Hoses events before that night and have been since! I also attended that night at the request of a dear friend who was going to her first boxing match since losing her husband the previous year while he was fighting in a boxing match, coached by my father-in-law!  So, please, if ANYONE thinks that I intentionally went there looking for her, you are mistaken! I was more than happy looking at the eye candy that was walking around in full force that evening!!!  I was NOT wasting my time worrying about my cheating husband and his skanky whore!  And for this detective to put the blame on me, the victim, is disgusting!  

Not only did she blame me, but she has allowed Mrs. H to have an “out”!  Yep!  Seems like all you have to do to get out of trouble when you break an injunction is blame it on your husband!!! Yep!! I guess her husband wrote that comment on my blog! Even though he wasn’t there and has NO idea what happened.  He must’ve took HER phone, googled my blog, commented on it, requested to follow it, and gave it back to her!! ALL without little miss innocent knowing ANYTHING about him doing it….because if she KNEW he was commenting on my blog, that would make her guilty too!  Yep…..seems logical to me!!! Yea, right!!! JSO is delusional or this is ANOTHER cover up for one of there own!  Great job guys!  

In closing I would like to add one thing.  I have a message for Mr. H himself. Since you are such a big man, Mr. Firefighter….why don’t you stop hiding behind your damn computer screen be a REAL man!! Put your wife’s phone down, pick up your own phone and dial my number.  I’m sure your wife still has it from the last time she broke her injunction! If you aren’t a coward, I will tell you the truth…all of it….the difference between me and your lying wife is I can back it up with proof! I have all of the paperwork you will ever need to see what a lying whore you are really married too! But then again, you already know that, don’t you!  That’s why you will continue to sit there with your low class, poor excuse of a wife, in the hell you created for yourself! Congrats Chief…You two were made for each other!