The Truth About Me

When I started this blog, I had no intention of it receiving this much attention. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until recently that the interest soared. I have been living the same life now as I was when I started this blog 3 years ago, so what changed? What made people want to read what I had to say? Hmmm…I can only venture to guess it has a lot to do with my blogs on the attack. I knew putting out the information to the world would possibly draw negative attention, it was only a matter of time. Well, the time is now! I received this comment on the blog I wrote last night!

IMG_0931 (2)

First, let me start by saying I welcome any and all comments. In fact, many of you reading may be wondering if I did anything at all to antagonize my attacker. So let me “admit” the truth…I did!Β  The truth is I spoke very poorly of her to my husband. I thought she was a home wrecking whore and had expressed so on many occasions. I’m sure he shared my thoughts with her. I also made fun of her to my husband, and I suppose he told her. I admitted to him when I saw them eating lunch together, I thought she was ugly. In fact, I even made the statement if I had seen her at the fire station working with him, I wouldn’t for one second be concerned about her. I guess this proves looks really aren’t everything….sex sells people!! I also had the nerve to continue to be intimate with my husband and express my feelings of love while they were apparently “dating”, even though he reassured me they were “just friends”. Perhaps that was upsetting to her.

I’m only assuming the above commenter took the time to read all of my blogs before posting their opinions about me. If so, I’m not really sure what “horrendous” things they are referring to. I’ve admitted to calling the mistresses husband, I’ve admitted to many things I did during that time, but none of those things would I describe as “horrendous”! Horrendous is allowing yourself to become so jealous, you take a beer bottle, hit an unarmed person over the head, and repeatedly slash them over and over again, until someone pulls you off! Horrendous is lying under oath numerous times, each time giving conflicting stories. Horrendous is posting pictures making fun of the person you attacked. Horrendous is not showing any remorse for your actions. Horrendous is continuing to lie to your spouse regarding the attack and your affair, knowing you are sleeping with another man anytime you get the chance! Horrendous is breaking up another marriage. Horrendous is continually harassing anyone and everyone that crosses you, just because you can! Horrendous….that’s not me!

As far as timid…I would hardly consider myself timid. I’ve written in depth of the pain the attack and affair caused me and my family, but that doesn’t make me timid. As a matter of fact, it makes me strong! Strong enough to face my kids with stitches on my face and chest. Strong enough to face the public with my head held high within days of the attack, to put food on the table for my kids. Strong enough to endure multiple treatments to lessen the appearance of the scars. Timid….hardly!

Now as far as my family knowing the truth….I’ve never lied…not once. My story has never changed. My attacker and her witnesses on the other hand contradict each other and change their stories depending on which report you read. I have them…my attorney studied them…it’s all there in black and white. Only an idiot can’t see the truth. So I suppose if you believe I’m a liar, I would in fact be calling you an idiot!Β  I have nothing to hide. I’m not ashamed of who I was or who I’ve become. I was a woman, who gave her love to the wrong man, and paid the price. I take full responsibility for being so naΓ―ve.

But please, commenter, don’t “feel sorry” for me! I came out on top! I am remarried to the most perfect, supportive, faithful, loving man a woman could ever ask for and my attacker is married to a man who’s a known adulterer! So instead of feeling sorry for me, perhaps your sympathies should be directed towards her…it’s only a matter of time before he realizes who he’s married to and looks elsewhere for a worthy partner! I only hope her current husband is able to protect his future mistress from his crazy wife!! She’s going to need it!

So thank you mystery commenter for taking the time to read my blog, but don’t waste your time feeling sorry for me! I face the truth everyday when I look into the mirror…and the truth is, I’m much better off now than I EVER was then! Good night!




18 thoughts on “The Truth About Me

  1. If that person who posted that comment wanted you to “tell the truth”, they wouldn’t be hiding behind a a bunch of letters for their name. They would post their real name. What they presume as the horrendous truth is probably ugly lies they were told about you. Good for you for calling them out.

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  2. Jjs556 your a real joke!!! This woman lives with scars on her face and has to look at them in the mirror daily !!!! Can you only imagine ???? If it were you ??? If your face were scarred because of such an act ???
    I mean a senseless act !!! A selfish, self absorbed act of adultery ??!!!!! Don’t you dare say one negative word to her unless you can look in the mirror and see scars on your face daily ??? Your a real joke!!!! A heartless joke!!!!

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  3. There’s no validity in anything someone says if they don’t name themselves. What it does do is make them appear cowardly. Still doesn’t make their claim true, but at least you know they’re willing stand behind what they’re saying. It’s the same reason newspapers and other publications typically will not print letters sent anonymously. From what you have said, your reaction to the affair was normal, and understandable. An affair is the ultimate betrayal. As far as the wacko cutting you with a bottle, holy cow, now THAT is anything but normal. It takes a certain kind of twisted person to commit an act such as that. I have no doubt whatsoever that she has a history of violence. Maybe not in the eyes of the law, yet, but definitely in her personal life!

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    1. Exactly…only a coward would hide themselves and claim to know the truth! Please…the truth is I was in the middle of a marital crisis and a crazy mistress made it worse by attacking me! But yet somehow, I’m the “crazy” one…ha!


  4. It takes a strong woman to be able to open up to the world with your story!! As for this persons comment about lying to your family, well I am family and seen the wounds for myself and the brave woman that carries those scars to this day!! Being timid has never been in our family’s make up! Horrendous was the wounds and the scars my cousin carries because of this crazy woman and her ex husband and the lies they both told to everyone! Brave is my cousin for standing up and moving on showing her children and the rest of the world she is a real woman and not letting this horrendous tragedy define her! I am proud of you, always and forever my family and my friend.

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  5. It seems to me that the person is either the crazy woman or someone she knows. I speak from experience hun. Husband’s sex partner stalked my blog, reported me to social services saying that I planned to kill my son and made comments under another name. That was her downfall. She linked it to her own blog and I was able to contact the police. She broke anti stalking laws so now all her actions have been logged and if she looks in my direction again I will have her charged. These crazy woman hate losing. My guess is that the grass isn’t so green on the other side and she is jealous of your life. It doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do NOTHING can excuse violence. I applaud your courage and ability to rise above it. You will always be the winner x

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  6. Your story inspires me…i lives through 12 +years of physical and mental abuse ( nothing as severe as yours) i did insure bruises, broken bones , broken heart …my end came when my second ex attempted to cut my throat…my children would have been the ones to find me…i managed to get him out if the house before that happened…i lived several more years in fear of when he might show up or what he might do…20 years later i still look over my shoulder from time to time…your story gives woman hope and strength because we see we are not alone in the abuse and cheating…the cheating leaves you feeling like your not good enough or its all your fault…i am (like you) remarried to a amazing man who loves me dearly and took my children as his own …i am blessed beyond measure and wouldnt change anything i went through , it took awhile to realize it made me who i am and put me in the place i am today…happy , health, safe and loved…may God bless you and your children greatly…I’ve meet you a couple of times and i would have never known any of this till reading your story…your a amazing strong woman…take care and thank you for your story

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