Washington Bound–Day 1

So here we go…Moving truck has pulled away from the house, goodbyes are said and done, husband has his truck loaded with the dogs and I am leading the pack with the 3 youngest girls.

Our first day of traveling was supposed to be a short one. We decided to stop in Mobile, Alabama to see my niece and her family before heading west. We got a late start but with only a 5 1/2 hour drive ahead of us, I wasn’t too concerned!

The first 3 hours went smoothly. Everleigh slept for most of that time which is VERY unusual for her. Meadow did a great job of entertaining her until she fell asleep. When she finally did wake up, we were able to make a short stop and feed her before hitting the road again. It wasn’t until the sun went down that Everleigh decided to throw a fit!

We continued on our journey and made decent time to Mobile. We arrived in time for dinner! It was great catching up with them before heading out, but once again, goodbyes are hard! This is the part I hate the most!

Day 1 completed….425 miles down….too many left to count!

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