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Washington Bound–End of week 1

After 3 days of driving from Florida, we arrived in my hometown of Hobart, Oklahoma. We have been here during this last week visiting with my parents, grandparents, my Uncle and aunt. Unfortunately, our time with my grandma was cut short. My papa left a day early so he could take care of some things at the house. Chris and I came to Oklahoma in March to visit with them for 6 days. We weren’t sure after the baby was born that we would be able to make the trip anytime soon. This detour to Washington gave us a chance to see them once again. Every time I say goodbye to her, I say a silent prayer that it won’t be my last.

My grandma is a very special lady. She lived 3 houses down from us when I was born. I remember spending the night with her sleeping on a pallet, watching the news, and feeling the excitement of “helping’ her cook breakfast the next morning. I will never be able to explain how much she has meant to me through the years. She has always been there to talk to me whenever I’ve been down. She takes the time to know my children even though we are far apart. I could sit and listen to her life stories for hours. She had a rough life in the beginning, but she is a strong woman and overcame many adversities. She was a successful telephone operator and also a union representative, but most of all, she is a loving mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I named my youngest daughter after her. Everleigh can be anything in this world, and I hope she can do it with the strength and determination that my grandma has passed down to us all!gmaandeverleigh
Today we made our final rounds around town. I stopped by to see my Grandpa Kenneth’s gravesite. He is the other half of my name!
Kenneth + Joy= ME!! 🙂 I love being able to take my kids to some of the places that mean the most to me! Unfortunately, today was too cold for Everleigh to make the trip with us! gpakenneth
Tomorrow we are heading out as soon as Everleigh wakes up. The car and truck are loaded ready for our next stop…Gallup, New Mexico! We somehow convinced my mom “Memaw” to make the last part of the trip with us! It will be great having the extra help with the kids and organizing the house! I just hope she knows what she in for!

Stay tuned…we aren’t even half way through this crazy ride! I will give you a hint of our future adventure…VEGAS BABY!!

Washington Bound—Day 3

Up and ready to go!! Today we will make it to Oklahoma for a much needed break from the driving! Once again, I woke up with hives….just great! I guess the stress is really getting to me! I initially thought it was from drinking wine, but I had no wine last night…thank God….I LOVE wine! 🙂

We decided to stop in McKinney, Tx on our way to see my friend, Katie, I haven’t seen in over 3 years! It was so nice to be able to spend time with her and her family! I’m so glad I finally got to meet her little boy…he is so adorable! I wish we lived closer to her!

Back on the road again…The drive is very familiar to me! I spent many years driving these roads with my parents. We traveled frequently between Florida and Oklahoma when I was a child! I swore I wouldn’t make the drive as an adult…and here I am, going further than I ever thought I would have too.

As an adult, I can appreciate the scenery. In some ways, it’s like looking at it for the first time. It’s peaceful here…it’s simple…it’s a part of me and who I am!

Hello Oklahoma…I am home!

Day 3 complete…452 miles!

Washington Bound–Day 2

We left Alabama and got a late start again. 2nd day in a row I’ve woken up with hives in the middle of the night. Benadryl seems to knock me out, leaving me groggy. Groggy+driving doesn’t mix!

The girls and I turned up the music and sang at the top of our lungs, enjoying the scenery as we went! Everything was peaceful and calm…no screaming baby, no fighting kids…perfect! After a few hours of driving, I decided to surprise my husband. It’s really the best thing a woman can do for a man…well, practically! I made a detour to Bass Pro Shop! My daughters were laughing when they turned around and saw him grinning as we pulled into the parking lot! We let the dogs out for a potty break and then went inside to grab a bite to eat! We snapped a few pictures of the girls with the fish and headed back on the road again.

We were driving for another hour or so before our first mishap. I was leading the way and I look up and see a large object heading right to our front window. With nowhere to go, I just knew it was going to hit. Right before impact, a gust of wind took the object into the median! All I can say is our guardian angels were watching out for us! My husband called to make sure we were all ok. These are the things that scare me to death during long trips! Anything can happen!

We arrived in Shreveport, La after dark and were ready for bed. It was a long day and I am just thankful we arrived in one piece!

Day 2 complete—–399 miles down….still too many left to count!

Washington Bound–Day 1

So here we go…Moving truck has pulled away from the house, goodbyes are said and done, husband has his truck loaded with the dogs and I am leading the pack with the 3 youngest girls.

Our first day of traveling was supposed to be a short one. We decided to stop in Mobile, Alabama to see my niece and her family before heading west. We got a late start but with only a 5 1/2 hour drive ahead of us, I wasn’t too concerned!

The first 3 hours went smoothly. Everleigh slept for most of that time which is VERY unusual for her. Meadow did a great job of entertaining her until she fell asleep. When she finally did wake up, we were able to make a short stop and feed her before hitting the road again. It wasn’t until the sun went down that Everleigh decided to throw a fit!

We continued on our journey and made decent time to Mobile. We arrived in time for dinner! It was great catching up with them before heading out, but once again, goodbyes are hard! This is the part I hate the most!

Day 1 completed….425 miles down….too many left to count!

Goodbye Fernandina Beach!

After 25 years of living in Fernandina, I had to pack up my house and move to Washington. My husband got orders in October, and until the last box was packed, I was in denial! I didn’t want to believe that my life and the people surrounding it was about to change drastically!

Saying goodbye has been the hardest thing to do! I’m so use to seeing the same faces daily. I’m attached to the kids my children are friends with. I love my town and all the people in it…well, most of them anyway!

As we gave our final hugs, I choked back the tears. My kids are hurting but I know this is what is best for our family. We are one big, blended family, and even without one of us, it is incomplete. The hardest goodbye was to my 18 year old daughter who won’t be able to join us until this summer after her semester of college is over. For 18 years she’s been mine. I’ve seen her, I’ve held her, I’ve loved her….and now she will be thousands of miles away. This is going to be the longest 5 months of my life!

To everyone of my friends and family I left behind….

I love you all! You’ve been an amazing support to me and my family throughout the years. Miles may separate us, but you will forever be in my heart!

Goodbye Fernandina Beach! Until we meet again….