My Knight Wears Camo

Today is my 7th Anniversary! Against all odds, we’ve made it 7 years! It’s the longest I’ve ever been married! This is an accomplishment since I’ve had a history of picking Mr. Wrong! This time, I finally got it right! If you would’ve asked me 7 years ago if we would still be married, I would’ve surprised you with “probably not!” Not because I didn’t love him, but because I had lost faith in living happily ever after! My happiness seemed short-lived no matter how wonderful the man may have seemed!

My husband took on a wife 9.5 years older, 4 kids, 2 dogs, and a whole lot of emotional baggage! He loved me through some of the hardest times in my life. He picked me up when all I wanted to do was lay down! He’s been an amazing husband, father, and provider. He is not only my soul mate, but the father my kids deserve to have. I’m so thankful God chose me to be his wife. I may not have always understood God’s plan, but this one makes sense of all the “what the hell’s” of my past!

We will be celebrating apart this year. He is tucked far away on a submarine counting down the days until we are reunited. I am at home with my five kids, trying to stay busy so our time apart will go by quickly! Tonight, I will sit in the audience and watch my 15 year old perform in the Choir Christmas performance. I may be playing the role of a single parent, but somewhere out there, a man lies alone dreaming of the day he is reunited with those who love him the most!

Happy Anniversary Chris! I can’t wait to hear your voice, smell your scent, and hold you close once again! You will forever be my hero! I love you endlessly!

(My husband and our baby girl a week before he deployed!)

3 thoughts on “My Knight Wears Camo

  1. Love this! KJ! I knew when he wasn’t scared off by my ” I got this, Dude” attitude at the doctors that day he might be a keeper! :0) I’m so happy for you, too!


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