I’m crazy, nice to meet you!

Well hello there! This is my first attempt at posting a blog about my crazy life! Maybe it’s not my life that’s as crazy as I am, but I choose to blame it on life in general! After all, I can not possibly have that much power over the universe!

Anyway…just a little snapshot into the world of “KJ”, aka, ME!!!

I am the married mother of four, almost five children!  I am currently expecting #5  any day now and yes, I gave birth to them all…and no I we are NOT the next Duggar family in the making!

My life and the stories that make me who I am are nothing short of a Jerry Springer show gone wrong (without the body guards)! Seriously people, you couldn’t make this crap up! Although sometimes I do wish parts were make believe, it is what it is and has made me the woman I am today!

So sit back and buckle up!! The ride, otherwise known as my life, tends to get a bit bumpy!!

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